Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 17 (30 Day Challenge)

Favorite Female Character

Lee Se Ryung 

I am going to say Lee Se Ryung from The Princess' Man. She isn't a warrior nor is she a cross-dressing tom-boy. Sure she wants to learn to ride a horse to feel a bit of freedom but she is just a strong and powerful character. 

Spoilers for those who have not seen The Princess' Man so if you don't want to know, go watch the drama and come back. I will still be here ...

She starts out as a young innocent daughter to a Prince. Her uncle is the King and her cousins are Princess and Crown Prince. Her Princess cousin knows her father is hungry for the throne. He is playing a game of chess to take over the throne. At first Se Ryung doesn't believe her father would do such a thing to family. It isn't until she see first hand the blood on her father's hand bit by bit she tries to stop her father.

At first she goes to great lengths to show her father the monster he is slowly becoming. Come on, she takes a sword to kill herself to try to get him to understand. It is successful but yet it fails at the same time. For a woman in those times, power is very limited. She uses her love for her father to try to get him to see the people he is killing. She doesn't just lay back and happy about becoming a Princess of the Kingdom. In her mind, she is just play acting as the Princess. Her cousin is the princess.