Thursday, October 24, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 4: Destiny is a Fixed Point in Time ... or not

Fate must meet Fate

Se Joo may not have fallen in love with Yoo Kyung but they seem to bump into each other. Just like Mi Rae and Shin meeting with another car accident our second leads must meet “alone”.  The bar scene was pretty comical. We the viewers know he is an undercover boss but Yoo Kyung doesn’t know anything. Which make the whole scene amusing when she goes to pay for his very expensive drinks.  Ha, the look on her face is just priceless. Her aegyo went out the door pretty fast when she found out how much those drinks were. Who knew there was a person under her fake mask? Which leads me to …

Is Yoo Kyung an onion with many layers?

Yoo Kyung may be a viper but she actually has some layers. How much of the reason she acts the way she does is because of the “dog eat, dog world” of being a reporter. She spends a lot of time trying to make others happy by taking care of them much like what she does with the PDs. Her subconsciously doing that in front of him may actually help other reporters in the future. Going back to her habit, I think it is safe to say that she is wearing a mask. She may still be a viper underneath the first 8 masks but I think deep down she isn’t all that bad. She is growing on me as a villainous second lead with more than just fluff and pretty outfits. 

What shouldn’t happen is just a dream …

Oh those dreams are drying me crazy. The sweetness of Shin is moving me to a tooth ache. I like how they keep bring what should have happened into this timeline. It is like Fate is telling these two that I will just have fun aggravating the crap out of you two while you sleep. Maybe she will make those two mad with the want of each other they just happen to fall into each other arms for a good night sleep finally. I am who wanted to see them steam up the sheets, mirrors, or windows. But back to the dream, Mi Rae is now having them. Is this Fate fixing the timeline? 

Seeing the other side of the coin

Shin seems to be going out of his way to help Mi Rae. It is like his mind and body just can’t seem to stop but want to help her. He didn’t have to give a tour of the building. He could have very well let her figure it out but than where would the fun be. A boring episode I tell you. Instead, a groofy Shin comes out as he Star Wars it up to play dress up with Mi Rae. Shin may come across as stiff but I think he is just really lonely … I so lonely, lonely, lonely … geez I think someone needs a hug.

Is that a Green Monster behind you?

Shin doesn’t like the idea of Mi Rae knowing the rumors about him and Yoo Kyung. We know that Shin can’t seem to stop helping Mi Rae but I think his heart knows what his brain doesn’t. He is clearly green with envy over Se Joo and Mi Rae spending time together. Hello he literally scared Mi Rae out of her chair and never once said sorry. Oh yeah, you got some green on your face there suga

Pink Slips suck …

So Grandma wants to fire everyone … unless Se Joo takes over. I have to give it to Se Joo for trying to stop his grandma, but sticking to his guns. He truly wants to make the Station the best by understand how everything works from the ground up. If he knows how the place is run he could run it better. Who the heck raised you because if it was Grandma, I’m a little worried.

All the women who are independent, Throw your hands up at me…

 I appreciate the one thing Mi Rae is learning from Ajumma Mi Rae is to be independent on no man but herself. The reason why she came to the past was to change her future husband. Mi Rae is slowly coming into her own. She is breaking out of her shell and embracing a dream.  In away Mi Rae has always relied on someone. First is was her Oppa and if the timeline went correctly it would have been Shin taking care of her. She would never have figured out what she truly wanted in life if it wasn’t for those darn Finding Nemos and herself both of them. 

Man vs Beast 

Well be still my heart … Shin you are totally cool. Mi Rae is becoming a more independent woman because of herself. Shin is becoming a better human being because of Mi Rae. If he didn’t see her looking at what she accomplished, he would never have thought to stand up against Miranda. Totally pushed Miranda’s button and did I just see a smile from her? Oh she totally is eating this up. She may seem like a beast on the outside but inside Miranda is a heart of gold. I can totally see it. Much like Shin is slowly showing his true colors and becoming so much more than he was.

I can see the Future because I am from the Future

What in the world are you up to now Mi Rae? I know you want Grandma Miranda to take notice so you can whisper sweet nothings about Mi Rae being the key to Se Joo’s empire … I too can see the future and I see a dark figure coming to put a stop to you changing history. Wanna bet I am going to be right?

4 episodes in and you continue to hit the right buttons as my drug of choice. I can’t wait to see where you are going to take this drama. I am on pins and needles to find out more. Keep it up .. Aja “Fighting”.