Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Marry Him If You Dare Episode 5: The beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Why pick one when I can date both?
Mi Rae figures why I should have to pick one to date when you can date both and figure out feelings. That is the point of dating is to figure out if these feelings could grow and maybe not. I like how she isn’t jumping on the wagon and saying yep have to go with this guy because of me telling me not to pick the other one. I hope there are tons of dates with Shin and Se Joo. I hope this drama really puts a spin on which Mi Rae should be with. Typically, we the viewers know she is going to end up with the lead, but is he the right choice for her? A jerk with a heart of gold … is normally how they make amends for the evil doings they did at the beginning. I want some kisses and hugs and happy times but I want a little more from the drama when it comes to the triangle love story. 

Friends or Frenemies
Grandma Chairman and Ajumma Mi Rae will they become BFFs or enemies? I can’t quite understand what Grandma was doing. Being nice to just be mean? Sure Grandma thinks of her a fake which she can’t really tell the future but is from it. Yet, Ajumma is changing the future by making herself not get in the accident. I wonder how much of the future was changed already because of that alone. But she does mention, altering someone’s future could lead to many possible outcomes. The major events are harder to change. So there are some rules. I wonder if we will get more on those later. I wonder if Grandma will be finding Ajumma after the end of this episode.

Agent Smith?
We finally see a bit of our Agent Smith from the future. It sure is taking him long to find Ajumma Mi Rae. I mean it has been at least twoish days. You think he would have found her and taken her back since it was so important to make him go to the future. Hopefully, there is  more on him in the next episode because right now he is just filler.

Kicked to the Countryside
Grandma is kicking Shin to the countryside … well that is one way to deal with a problem. I don’t think she would have sent him there if it wasn’t for Ajumma. Grandma wants someone to tell her the future and do the opposite. Than again by sending Shin to the country she is making what Ajumma said true. He is failing … 

Ajumma still loves her husband
Ajumma may have a lot of hate towards Shin but he can still make her heart flutter. Shin thinks the Ajumma is just interested in him because she likes him. Duh she likes you. She’s been married to you for years. She may have grown to hate you towards the end but she fell in love with you for a reason. I am wondering what the reason she fell for him. Not just because of the accident but there must have been another reason. What did he do to get them to kiss in the hospital? Killing me show …

Failure to make it to First base
Mi Rae and Se Joo go out on their date to just be ruined by the rain. Instead, Mi Rae wants to see his college movie. Se Joo really wants to keep his secret of being a poor VJ. Mi Rae must not be paying attend to the fact he has no idea of is in his home. Either blinded by a crush or she just doesn’t notice these things. Oh how sweet is this date. Se Joo really is adorable and sweet. He needs to step it up and not be so shy. You could have totally gotten to first base but nope you failed. Drama … you are going to break my heart. I know this will happen but just rip the Band-Aid off.

Work with Pigs
Yoo Kyung really does work some horrible PDs. I actually feel for her and see why she as a crush on Se Joo. Someone who is nice and sweet that sees how she acts and points out to her not to. That she is a human being and shouldn’t have to act that way just for her job. Yoo Kyung is actually a person. Who knew? Granted, she is trying really hard to get Se Joo to see her, but I think if she just becomes friends he will. There is a reason why in the other time-line they got together. She needs to be patience. Right now she is just annoying.

 Wanna Play?
Okay Shin, you are making me love you more with each episode. Seeing you be a human being is killing me. The basketball game was not something I expected you to do. Not to mention forfeiting the game for Mi Rae. Plus, you like Mi Rae. The first person you told about your move is her. Laugh all you want but she is growing on you.

The beginning of an alliance
Ajumma still cares for Shin or why would she seek him. She does have a point when she asks him where the hard main anchorman went. The one person who knows him the most is Ajumma. Maybe things will change and will instead help him become who he should have been in her time-line. I am wondering if things will change because she still cares for Shin. Or is this destiny helping her notice how much she still cares for her husband? 


A good set up episode for what is to come. Agent Smith better be doing something soon because teasing about him is just dumb. Put him in the show or take him out. Stop showing me him and expect something to happen. That is call filler. I am annoyed with the Team being pissed at Shin. Sure I get it sucks but Shin was trying to help keep their jobs. They still have a job thanks to him despite having to go to the country too. Heck, you can still leave the job and go somewhere else. You don’t have to stay with YBS. The show still is keeping my heart flutter … I want more …