Friday, October 18, 2013

Heirs Episode 3 & 4: Good Old USA

Does Tan like Eun Sang? 

There is something about Eun Sang that has captured Tan attention. I feel like I should be walking with those two to try to figure this out. What is it about Eun Sang that Tan just feels drawn too? Is it because of the screen between sisters? Does he feel kinship with Eun Sang due to both siblings not wanting anything to do with their own brother and sister? Yes, Eun Sang can come across as adorably sweet like candy as shown in the dinner but what else is the connect? I am kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop with a twist of some sort.  Evening with my reservation, I will continue to enjoy the ride as I watch these two fall for one another. Of course, I might hit my screen before that if we have the tip toeing around for EPISODES. I mean this is a 20 episode drama. Don’t make me hurt you Drama.

What did Tan do to Won?

Apparently, Tan hurt Won but how? I mean we saw Won tell a young Tan to leave and be nothing but a slacker when he was about 10ish. Is this a Once Upon a Time thing? (A young Snow thought she was doing the right thing by telling Cora (Regina’s Mother) about the Stable Boy Daniel. Regina planned on marrying him but Cora killed him. Regina blamed Snow instead of her own mother who did the killing.) Drama is this what happen? Did Tan tell Chairman Dad about Won? Does it have something to do with Jeon Hyun Joo?  Did you become a beast to everyone (well almost everyone) because of the thing Tan did to you, Won? It is okay Won. I have a shoulder if you want to cry on it :)

Won is actually not a beast … who knew?

Well crap Won, your killing me with your kindness with the bitchy Rachel. Drama you are shocking me with how enjoyable Won and Rachel’s rapport. Is it wrong to really like these two together? It makes sense her connection with Won. From Tan we learned Rachel wanted to marry him since they were little. I don’t blame the girl. I would marry the crap out of him and help keep a smile on his face. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to help the big loaf out. Than you have Won helping Eun Sang to give his father his meds. Sure he didn’t say anything but he didn’t treat her like the carpet to be walked on … yet.  I can’t wait to see more of Won’s behind the mask he wears. Is Won a beast to Hyun Joo? Is this the reason why she didn’t answer his call? Seems like something is going on between the two as noticed by him buy her a necklace (could have been a ring). Wonder what their relationship is and how Won acts in front of her? Oh drama show me now!!!

Manager Yoon and Rachel’s Mom has a past 

Why am I not surprised there is a past between these two? Apparently, Rachel’s mom has been stringing Manager Yoon around for years as she tells him, “he is not the one again”. Poor guy but man does he have a come back. Rachel’s Mom may like to be the center of her man meat but Manage Yoon will take his leave of her. BAM!!!

A Fox pretending to be a tiger?

The conversation between Rachel and Young Do about Tan was fascinating. Rachel of course trying to burn Young Do by mention he is just pretending to be Tiger until the real one comes. Young Do response that the real tiger may in fact not be a tiger.  The fake tiger is just pretending to rule the jungle but in truth he is a coward and ran away. Well Tan felt his beach house was his exile. Granted how much does Young Do know about why he was exile? I mean it seems like these two once called each other friends. Did the past accident with Won affect his friendship with Young Do? Or is there something else which tore these two apart. I am not sure if we will be getting any bromance from these two which is a shame because I would totally eat it up.

House of Many Wives 

This house really is a modern royal sageuk. First you have Madam Han trying to catch Wife 2 in an awkward position with someone not her husband. Wife  2 will use the fact she is on the family registry which her son is listed as hers. Madam Han may have given birth to Tan but he isn’t your legally. I actually find these moment interesting unlike segeuk dramas with the Queen and Concubine not being able to really duke it out. Oh modern day think you for allowing people to be slapped and protocol is a think left in the past. I also love how those two try to look presentable for Won when he comes home. LOL  … oh priceless.

Eun Sang’s Mom is pretty awesome

First Eun Sang has a right to call her sister a bitch and mom should just allow her to call her that. Regardless of that situation, mom is one of my favorite characters. She knows how to play the game in the house of Madams. Sure she gets treated pretty crappy by Madam Han but she can put it back on her. The fact Mom was able to Eun Sang to stay in the house until they can afford something what a genius she is. She may not be able to talk but she has a bite to her polite words and can blackmail let the rest of them. I like how Eun Sang and Mom could just talk to each other about how horrible everyone in the house is by signing and no one would be the wiser. HA take that Madam Han

The prodigal son returns
Tan returns home from his exile. Tan made the choice to come home to Korea for him family members. Thank god drama for not making him return home because of a girl. Yes Eun Sang helped give him the courage but she isn’t his true purpose for going home. “One who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown.” Does this mean he wants to not run away and take a stand for the things he wants? I don’t think he is there just yet. He told Won what he thinks will happen won’t. Which to mean sounds like “I am not after your throne”. What is it that Tan wants with returning to the kingdom?  

Don't ruin my good dream

Hahaha …. One of my favorite parts of the drama so far is her sleep walking. I too would do the same if I was working crazy hours, studying, and helping around the Wacky House of Wives. But it is the look Young Do gives her while she walks into the store, drinks her drink in one sitting, than heads out to the table to take a nap. Not once did she notice the handsome and rich heir standing next to her. All Eun Sang wanted was a place to sleep. More Haha to the kids crying at Young Do, as I might cry too over how funny the scene was. Okay everyone get your pencils as the math equations have begun. 

A ghost is living in my House

Omo … the fact Eun Sang and Tan kept missing each other in the house was comical. Goes to show how sad the house is. You could live there and never see anyone. But the look on Tan’s face when he sees Mom wearing her I heart shirt … I about pee my pants from laughing. I enjoyed the banter between the two on her social page. The cuteness … I could eat more. The fact it is Tan who learns Eun Sang is living with him is good. If Eun Sang learned first, I think her BFF would have more explaining to do. Which give it time and he will have to be eating some humble pie but I think Tan will have to bring some too. I just hope Tan can get Eun Sang to love him before she wants to kick him in the nuts. Eun Sang you don’t want to destroy not having kids in the future. Torture him … I mean it is much more fun. A shame too many eyes are around the house. I do enjoy a good forced living arrangement but this isn’t going to get us some skinship and nekkid time anytime soon … a shame… 

The Hook
Okay drama, you got me. I wasn’t so sure when the hook would actually catch me. I had fun with the Midnight Summer parts in Sunny Cal but I was getting a sunburn from being in Cal for to long. Yes Cal was important for us to understand Tan exile and to have these two alone without the adults to bring that wanting. Well the adult’s kind put a stop to all the skinship which could happen. Fingers cross we will still see some. Young Do seems to be on the hunt for Eun Sang. I am not sure Eun Sang and he could be together since Young Do’s ego can barely fix in the room. Sad to say but I am really for summer break to be over. Bring on School … I want the school drama to start and the fighting to begin. I want the winter romance to bloom and math problems to hate. Grab your pencils and your books ladies and gents because school is set to begin!!!