Friday, January 3, 2014

Ask Me

Have you been watching You From Another Star? I am in love it. It has a great story. It has one hot Alien also in the drama. If you have seen it, what are your thoughts? I hope you do some of your screenshot memes for my question. - Skyler

Hi Skyler, thanks for writing in.You're wish is my command.

Yes I am watching You From Another Star. I am not surprised this Drama is doing really well in ratings. I too have fallen in love with the drama. I like the idea of reincarnated stories. Next/Rebirth is in my top ten Dramas for the idea of fate and chance with reincarnation added into the mixed.

The Drama is very well crafted. The drama is able to mix the Joseon story with the present spectacularly. I really enjoy seeing the Joseon elements of the story. I love me a good historical drama and when the story can mix current and past together, I am such a sucker for it.

I am getting a kick out of the Easter Eggs hidden within the drama. The parodies about other Dramas or drama that happen on other dramas. Some of those Easter Eggs are more noticeable than others. I love the writers sense of humor. Please don't stop putting these in.

Min Joon and Song Yi's love story is heart breaking at the beginning. I hope the drama can explain why Song Yi was reincarnated. If the drama doesn't explain the white elephant in the room than what was the point. Min Joon is finally leaving Earth to go home yet Song Yi happens to look just like Yi Hwa. Yes Min Joon saw Song Yi years ago when she looked just like Yi Hwa. Yi Hwa also hoped to grow up fast for Min Joon. What does this all mean?

The Joseon Era story is done and over with as Yi Hwa died in Min Joon's arms, but what does this mean for the present? Song Yi felt something for Yi Hwa's hair pin. She also doesn't like the Joseon Era (Can't say I blame the girl) which means no historical dramas. Is there a connection between Yi Hwa and Song Yi? Will she remember her past life or is she just a doppelganger?

Don't forget the other characters in the drama. Se Mi might get her chance and become someone other than Song Yi's BBF by stepping on her BBF. Hwi Kyung wants to protect Song Yi until death do us part. Jae Kyung our villain is already killing people to protect whatever crazy stuff he is up too. Song Yi's family is all a mess due to her.

The side stories are just as interesting as the main mystery. 6 episodes in and I have no idea how this is going to end. I am not hopefully for a happy ending at this point. Yet it is still early to tell what the road ahead is going to be like. I am going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

I hope to hear from you again Skyler. Let me know how you feel as the drama goes on.

Until next time ...