Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Prime Minister and I Episode 9: Gossip Girl

On this episode of Prime Minister and I:
Poop Scandal News, New Guardian Angel, Gossip Kids, Time to take to the Ice, and It’s a Trap

Da Jung is feeling awkward towards In Ho. I don’t blame the girl. She doesn’t feel the way he does as her emotions are towards Yul. Those emotions she still is coming to terms with. I did get to see his feelings might actually be real at the end of the episode. The pain I saw on his face when Da Jung left with Yul and the anger as he left the hotel. I am glad to see his feelings are true since I wasn’t sure if he really meant his confession. 

Editor Go must be 5 to add a laxative to Da Jung’s drink. Yet it is Hee Chul who comes in for the win. He gave Reporter Byun the “special” laxative drink. Which about made me die of laughter. Hee Chul is getting to shine as Da Jung’s new guardian angel. I am glad someone is watching out for her. I hope he continues to be someone Da Jung can go to for help since In Ho isn’t thinking clearly.

The kids walking in on Da Jung and Yul in what they think is kissing was priceless. I love these kids more and more. Man Se is more than happy to tell all the staff about catching the adults doing last night. HAHAHA!!! No one is going to believe these two don’t like each other with all the evidence against them. Yet it was the Housekeeper hinting the kiss is nothing compared to what she saw and the guards are dying to know more. These moments have me laughing out loud. More Please.

Madam Na seems to know her husband has a thing for Hye Joo. I don’t think Madam Na knows how to fight against Hye Joo despite trying too. Nice to know Hye Joo won’t fall for a married man but we know that isn’t completely true. Yul is married but she is still harboring a crush on him. I really like Hye Joo. I hope the Drama Gods give her a happy life because she’s earned it. I don’t want her to become the evil villain witch of the Drama. Please Drama do not lead her down that road.

Joon Ki why do you have to make our Yul doubt himself? Why do you have to tell him he must not remember his first wife when he is happy? Oh right you are E-V-I-L!!! I don’t think you want to be. You are a wonderful Uncle. Why do you have to be a douchebag? I get it was your sister who died but evening you need to let the dead go. I am not sure Na Young would be happy with Joon Ki. Might be a good thing the dead can’t talk in this drama.

Yul, why do you have to be so mean to Da Jung? You and her are in a touch situation and pushing her away will not help it. Yes, losing someone you love hurts and is a tragic thing. Yet, Yul should be able to find happiness in all the guilt and pain. But thank the Drama gods for that hug. I was going to hit you myself if you let her go and continued to wallow. 

Sum up my feelings on the episode:
It maybe cold outside but I feel the heat slowly rising. The heat needs to rise faster as I want more car crash kisses with lots of passion.