Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dream High Episode 4: Rock Like Stars

On this episode of Dream High:
Will they be kicked out, fight for your dream, maybe this kid is a music prodigy, the magic of the pendant, and taking a stand for my right to be here.

The Drama is getting into the swing of things.  I love how Sam Dong is living with Hye Mi and Jin Gook. I can only see the fun which will come out of these three living together.

This episode was about luck. The pendant Baek Hee got from President Jung ( the K-Pendant) is the symbol of Dream High. Baek Hee misplaces the K-Pendant to bully Hye Mi. The pendant finds it way into Hye Mi’s hands. For Hye Mi, she thinks the pendant has helped turn her luck around.  She started having a good day with her father finally calling her once she got the pendant. Hye Mi tries to give it back to Baek Hee but is unable to return it. Jin Gook has a point by saying she doesn’t need it since she has the talent, but that isn’t the point of what the pendant means to Hye Mi. Sam Dong see the pendant for her as hope. When you have nothing sometimes it hard to find a bit of hope. Hye Mi has hit rock bottom by the beginning of the episode and now wants to prove she is worthy.
Hye Mi finally sees what President Jung saw in Sam Dong. The boy can sing. He also has a talent for music. Hye Mi won’t let Sam Dong hide from here despite not being able to finish the song. I love how smitten Sam Dong is on Hye Mi. His smile is going to kill me by the time this drama ends. I love puppy Sam Dong as he tries to protect Hye Mi during school and against Jin Gook. I just hope at some point he gets rid of the puppy. I am enjoying Sam Dong now, but I just hope he finds his footing and becomes a strong character.

Speaking of Jin Gook, I like how he isn’t the typically chaebol son. He isn’t wanted by his family for a few reasons, bastard or son of first wife. Either could explain why in the flash back about his being sent away. His father doesn’t want Jin Gook to be seen which could mean he might be into politics. I guess we shall see when the photo of him leaving his dad’s house comes out.

I am glad I decided this drama as my episode-meme. As I have said before, lots of people really enjoyed Dream High and I didn’t see why when I tried the first episode a year or so ago. Nothing in the first episode made me love any of the characters, but I am happy to have a chance to finally make myself watch it. This isn’t a drama to fall in love with after the first episode. It isn’t until after this episode, I thought to myself I could watch another episode. I had to stop myself from hitting episode 5 to find out what happen. I don’t want to watch the next episode without completing my episode meme. My will power is going to be tested since I know I don’t have to wait till next week or 24 hours to get the newest episode.

The Sum Up:
Play it again Sam … you’re the winner in my heart.