Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dream High Episode 3: I turn around and around

On this episode of Dream High:
Will you come to Seoul with me?, another horrible father, more house guests, how far are you willing to go to be the top dog as we head closer to classes starting.

Sam Dong is one of my favorite characters. I adore you. His singing during the competition was ghastly. His lack of vocals made me wonder with Hye Mi what talent does this kids possess. A dance prodigy he is not either which makes me doubt President Jung’s choice for a minute. His charm is clear as he tries to sing and dance with his heart. He may lack the talent but he has the heart and charisma to fall in love with him.
Baek Hee is loyal and kind person but she lacks any courage and comes across as inadequate to others. She lets other step on and uses her kindness.  Shi Kyung Jin is one of the dance instructors who happen to give Baek Hee a little advice about becoming the queen bee at school. Baek Hee is becoming a bit complex as a character since she wants to be number one due to rivaling with Hye Mi for best Diva. It is how Baek Hee is getting to the position I am worried over. The tack in the other girl’s shoe was put there and I would bet by Baek Hee. We shall see if by going down this road will make Baek Heel feel better or will become her downfall.

Hye Mi is slowly growing on me. Some of this could have been from her fantasy dream on stage. I do believe the girl is realizing she is going to have to do things she doesn’t want to do. One of those is trying to do whatever she needs to get Sam Dong to come to Seoul. If that means she lies and tells his she likes him and wears the vinyl jacket with him on stage, that is what she will have to do. Being embarrassed isn’t an issue since she has already hit bottom by going to the man who broke up her parents.
Jin Gook has a pretty shitty father. Yes, drama gods we get it. Parents tend to me evil. The more money the parents have the worst they tend to be. Still you kid got hurt and the only thing you can ask is can you be more quiet. Hello douchebag Dad, your kid was in the hospital. Common courtesy is to ask if he is okay before you start the dad talk. Maybe Disney has it right by killing parents.

The puzzle pieces are finally starting to make a picture. Sam Dong is part of the pieces. Others know he actually has a good voice as they were heading to go cheering him on at the competition. He seems to think his mother isn’t fond of music due to who his father is. It seems he was planning on winning the competition until he found out his mom was there. But this is just a step for Sam Dong. He is from the country getting ready to head into a school full of bullies and Divas who will do whatever to be the top star. I can’t wait to see these kids start the journey.

The Sum Up:
Pretty content but I could use some more showers or exit shower scenes with either Jin Gook or Sam Dong.