Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Prime Minister and I Episode 10: Far Away Young Love

On this Episode of Prime Minister and I:
Another car crash, Monsters in the closet, the honeymoon is over, lady Vengeance comes out to play, we can be friends, and let’s celebrate our wedding.

Madam Na thinks Hye Joo has a think for her husband by getting the information about the hotel. Her Madam Na and her gang head to the room to catch her husband in the act but end up catching out Minister and his wife. Yul plans to be the bigger man and let Joon Ki get away with his Hotel scheme.  Hye Joo isn’t so forgiven when she also finds out about Madam Na being at the hotel room. After this episode Hye Joo is my favorite character. Sorry Da Jung but Hye Joo is winning my heart. I love her set up for Madam Na and Joon Ki. I also love how she tells Joon Ki, he should be glad she didn’t set him up at a hotel like he did. Burn!!!! You go girl. I like this side of Hye Joo. I get the feeling she isn’t going to end up with a HEA but she is a interesting character. Kind of makes me wish she was the lead.

Another car crash kiss … really drama. We are well over the half way mark and these two still haven’t given us a decent kiss. The first kiss I was nice about since you two were still getting to know each other, but we are way past that stage. Am I the only one who can’t stand Yul acting like a school boy? He like Da Jung but won’t admit his feelings. Grow a pair and just tell the girl how you feel please. You are way past the age to not be like that.

Joon Ki it seems like he plans to go after Da Jung. I get the feeling Yul is going to do something stupid by sending Da Jung away. I also don’t think he plans to submit his marriage with Da Jung. He plans to break ties. If this is the case, I get Yul is trying to protect Da Jung, but I want to slap him. First, Joon Ki is a bastard for trying to go after family. He has used his nephew and now plans to use Da Jung who is Yul’s wife. You are lower than dirt, Joon Ki. I get you are mad over your sister’s death but I think there is more to the story than you have seen. This is where In Ho’s brother comes in. I doubt Joon Ki is going to see his sister in any light but a prefect angel.

I hope the kids turn their back on their uncle for being a douchebag. I am thinking that is the only way Joon Ki might give up some of his hate towards the kid’s dad. Or I can see Joon Ki use the kids and one of them gets hurt in cross fire. I do believe the kids are going to be Joon Ki’s downfall. Either they will get hurt or find out his evil plans towards their dad and be upset.

The Sum Up:
A slow episode with not a lot of energy and I get the feeling we are waiting for the other shoe to drop.