Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Prime Minister and I Episode 11: I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better

On this episode of Prime Minister and I:
The return of the Nobel Idiot, a little of the past comes to light, the kids rule while Mr. Mom drools, and Dad gets our OTP back under one roof.

Yul trying to protect Da Jung sends her away to take care of her dad. I am not sure he thought this over very well. I get him wanting to protect Da Jung from Joon Ki. We knew Joon Ki will use anyone to get want he wants, Yul’s destruction. (There is a flaw in his plans but that is for later). Yet, he could have told Da Jung about what is going on. Da Jung could get hurt more by not knowing what is going on. Maybe she can’t help you but at least she will know the dangers that are around her.

Joon Ki has found out about In Ho’s brother. In Ho explains it was Yul who caused his brother to end up like he is today. We also get a flash back to what In Ho knows about his brother and Yul’s wife. I am wondering if evening Yul and In Ho don’t know the whole story. There must be something else going on than what we are being shown. It is hard to believe a woman who just gave birth to her 3rd child would want to leave her family and go to America with her lover. Plus the pictures Yul was looking at doesn’t seem like Yul’s wife was happy. I am hoping Yul’s wife is dead and not going to turn up like In Ho’s hyung. If the writer is going in the direction of keeping Yul’s wife alive, I might have to send out the Ajumma trolls.

I would expect Yul’s wife being still alive as a plot for a Makjang drama not my rom-com drama. Do not Jump the Shark Drama. I enjoy your cuteness and fun but if you go down this road, there is no forgiving. Keep it light and fun. Do not go crazy and insane with plot points. The secret behind the wife and hyung keeps the plot points going in the right direction. I actually don’t mind as it connects Yul, In Ho, and Joon Ki. Neither In Ho nor Joon Ki are really the antagonist to our hero. They both are doing what they think is right towards Yul for their family members. I don’t think either of them know that revenge will not bring either of them peace.

Joon Ki also is in bed with some pretty shady people. Rich shady people who forced him to marry their daughter which makes me wonder what the whole story behind his downfall was. I doubt Joon Ki woke up and wanted to cover up evil deeds. Why did Joon Ki give up on Hye Joo? There is a story behind those two and I want to learn more.

Than there Hye Joo who is more than happy to step in when Da Jung leaves but Yul keeps her at arms length. I really like Hye Joo as a character as she has all the trappings of a leading lady. She’s got brains and guts, but don’t forget her spitfire altitude. Yet it her down fall as a character is her crush which has lasted for over 15 years. I get you do stupid things for love but she is a moron when it comes to Yul. I mean he got married to his first wife and she still couldn’t get over her feelings for Yul. Hye Joo is pathetic as a character when it comes to Yul. Hopefully, she can learn to accept Yul’s choice. I don’t see that but I am hopeful.

I love the kids. This episode we got to see how much influence our Da Jung has on the kids. Man Se is going to miss Da Jung the most as he has bonded with her from the get go. But evening Na Ra and Woo Ri are also missing Da Jung. Kids should be able to be kids while learning. I like how she told the kids to protect themselves from the tyrant Dad. She knows he would start ordering the kids around and I love how they tell him but Da Jung said. Hah!!!

The Sum Up:
Another slow game of “go-stop”, but it was still warm and fluffy towards the end and than shocking.