Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Rainbow Update: KISS

I probably am going to be posting something about this show for awhile. This show is just charming and hitting all the right buttons for me. With that being said, this week we got kisses and kisses. Oh goody.

OMG!!! I want it to be next week. Golden Rainbow may not be all that and a bag of chips as a whole. It is the OTP of Baek Won and Do Young which keep this show moving and interesting. After last week with Baek Won telling Do Young he makes it hard for her and all that other BS to get him to stop. Why she is doing such, I couldn't tell you. Might have something to do with jealously but really she is just dumb for doing such a thing.

Do Young spent the last two episodes trying to protect his Baek Won from the secrets her brother carried. Baek Won must be insane. Hello the man paid for you to eat at the street car stand for the WHOLE year. I kept wanting to slap the crap out of her for not seeing Do Young still so much in love with her. I get Baek Won is trying to come to terms with her brother's secret but you don't need to take it out on Do Young.

Baek Won does redeem herself once Do Young tells her he is very much in love with her and would do anything for her. Damn girl, if you do not hold onto him I just might kill you. Baek Won with her non-female ways grabs Do Young and goes in for a kiss. I think this is actually a first. The lead female giving the guy a kiss and meaning it. Not one of those, "I tripped and fell on your lips". There was no falling onto his lips by way of tripping. Nope Baek Won actually went in for the kill and kiss our Do Young.

Baek Won may not have the greatest of kisses as I too think she was just as surprised as Do Young she went and kissed him. It was Do Young who grab her and kiss the crap out of her. I think it is safe to say she just might be pregnant after the kiss. Okay Drama, you got them facing the fact they like each other. Baek Won if you go back to saying you don't, there is no grounds to prove that. You kissed Do Young first not the other way around. Ha! Now, I want them to flirt and date, than their needs to be wedding bells, and I can just see how marriage life would be for them. Already Drama Gods do not disappoint me.

I think I might be watching this scene all week long. If you have seen the epic kiss of 2014, have fun below.