Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Emergency Couple Episode 2: She

On this episode of Emergency Couple:
You should quit, working with your ex, babies of medicine, and it is just me against the world

Jin Hee seems like an unfinished piece of art. There is a layer where she is unsure of herself and than there is this strong layer where she doesn’t take crap from anyone. She can come across as awkward in her own skin. Her wanting to become a doctor is something I am interesting in knowing. Did she become a doctor because of her mother-n-law putting her down? Was it to prove to her ex-husband she can be great like his family of doctors? She is a character I want to cheer for her to show everyone who ever looked down. I hope to see a strong character by the end of this drama. You hear me Drama Gods.
Chang Min … I hope for your sake I see whatever Jin Hee saw in you to want to wed you. At this point, I wouldn’t wed you if someone paid me. You are such a momma’s boy it hurts to watch. Chang Min, get over yourself for just one minute.  The hospital should be more worried over Chang Min as a doctor than Jin Hee. I am not a doctor but I know not to give someone Demerol.  At this point, I like the Devil Chun Soo better for Jin Hee than you.

The drama has a bit of Grey’s Anatomy meets The War of the Roses. As someone who enjoyed the crap out of the first few seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, I hope it continues along those lines. I want stories of our characters connected with them learning to be Doctors. Let the humor be about our characters making mistakes as baby doctors. I don’t mind bickering but I am already getting tried of the hate between the couples. Maybe I tried of them already due to Chang Min’s character being grating. I am not sure how much more I can take of these two yelling at each other. I want comedy but their squabbling is become old hat. For the future of this Drama, they better have plans to do more with these two than just fight. 
Maybe the reason I don’t feel for Jin Hee and Chang Min is the lack of establishment of their relationship. I feel the chemistry of just hate but I hope to see some of the reason why they fell for each other. Flashbacks … *cough* …. Flashbacks … I think I might have a better understand of Chang Min if we saw him before the wedding and what it was that got our couple to be together. At one point, they did love each other.  I only know they both are at fault for taking their anger on each other and not supporting one another. Marriage counseling might have helped them since they can’t talk to each other without thinking of themselves.

The drama will need to iron out the wrinkles as it goes from serious to humorous far too easy. With two episodes under its belt, it has done what it needed to do. A set up as been completed with some holes which can be filed in with 20 episodes in this drama. For the sake of this drama, it better not be a really slow ride. I do not want to be bored to tears by the lack of any movement in plot. You hear me Drama Gods.

The Sum Up:
I can only repress so much in my deep and dark, twisted place until I might snap and kill the OTP