Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What Are You Doing?

Golden Rainbow is becoming my must see Drama every week. Most of this could be my love for Jung II Woo, but he is over taking the screen. It doesn't matter who is in the scene with him, he shines in each and everyone of them. UEE is doing a fantastic job. Right now she is playing hard to get with Young Do until his dad gets involved. Hello Noble Idiot, been a few days since I last saw you.

I am hoping Young Do see through Baek Won's Noble Idiot act and continues to push her buttons. UEE and Jung II Woo made my heart break this week. Baek Won is giving up her first love because of evil Dad. Young Do, you play dumb all the time but he doesn't see her act. COME ON!!! Regardless of the years apart, you guys still love each other. Maybe it was puppy love, but now your both adults and able to see where it leads to. Don't let others get involved.

Oh wait, Man Won has been in loved with Baek Won since forever. Not many know they aren't really blood related. Ha Bin (used to be family with Man Won and Baek Won) seems to have a crush on Young Do. Still not sure if she is just using him or really is interested. I thought she would be interested with Man Won but there is still time with 30 episodes to go.

With that being said, Drama Gods you get Young Do and Baek Won back together RIGHT NOW!!! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Look at how cute these two are together. Okay some of those gifs are a dream Young Do had but we get an idea of how Baek Won might act when she admits her feelings for Young Do. Come On ... get them back together.

Golden Rainbow more flirting with Young Do and Baek Won, than I want my kisses, and you better marry them within the next 10 or 15 episodes. Hundred Year Inheritance failed my expectations and didn't give me those things. I am counting on you Drama. So far, you are making me fall in love with you. I may not care for most of the story but I am at least enjoying the drama as a whole and fangirling over my OTP. Make it happen ...

Young Do and Baek Won married would be fun to see.