Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prime Minister and I Episode 14: The Cherry Blossoms Fall

On this episode of the Prime Minister and I:
Love is in the air, the truth is uncovered, getting settled in for new jobs, sick day, and the other shoe has dropped.

Wow! Not much happened but a lot did happen in this episode. Yul finally came clean about his feelings for Da Jung. These two got to spend the episode with new love in their eyes. Yul wants to bring home his father-n-law which just reinforces his relationship with Da Jung. This episode was sweet by showing us the happiness and cuteness of these two together. I found the episode bitter by knowing it was only a matter of time before Na Young would be found out. The happiness Yul has found would be ripped apart. The kids are going to be confused with their mother showing back after years gone.

I am glad the writer picked Da Jung seeing Na Young first. I believe it would have hurt Da Jung more if Yul found out first. I would have hated the drama for picking that choice. I feel Da Jung grief by seeing Na Young. At the same time, she needs to be the one to tell Yul. He trust and loves her and who better to tell him the ugly truth but her. Fingers cross Hye Joo shows up to Da Jung for girl’s night out? Come on drama, makes those two friends.

I found it endearing for In Ho to warn Na Young to keep hiding. He puts his own happiness to side by explaining to Na Young about the love between Yul and Da Jung. This is the only way he can repay his wrongfully act of revenge against Yul by keeping Na Young gone. This second lead is truly tragic unlike most second leads “tragic” stories. He misplaced his hate towards a person who had nothing to do with his brother’s accident. The last 5 years has been a waste of his life. How can you not feel for him? He lived believing one thing but it all turns out to be wrong because of one woman.

Which leads us to Na Young … She has a lot to explain for. I am a bit disappointed in her reason for disappearing act. Her reason for abandoning her family and staying missing is just cowardly. I can’t buy her crying over her children after she walked out on them. She has no right as their mother when it was her walking away. She probably would have stayed hidden had it not been for In Ho finding her. I can’t hold any good well toward the woman. I only see the pain and confusing this will affect Yul, the kids and Da Jung.

The drama has done a really good job deciphering the conflicts without interrupting the pacing of the story. YAY!!! The drama was extended for one more episode which could have hurt the speed of the narration of the story. So far, I would say the extended episode hasn’t hurt the drama one bit. It seems the drama isn’t going to hold the cat in the bag until the last minute. Thank the Drama Gods. Dragging the Na Young conflict of being alive until the last episode would have been painful to watch. I was bummed out about the reappearance of Na Young at the beginning but seeing how the drama is handling the plot I am not as displeased. The drama seems to see the conflict isn’t her being alive, but how will this affect all our characters? Where do everyone does everyone go from here?

 On a lighter note, Man Se is my favorite. He was just adorable throwing a tantrum over Da Jung sleeping with his dad and not him. I see Yul having to fight for his time with Da Jung in the future. Haha!!! I also had to laugh seeing Na Ra sobbing over church oppa becoming a priest. Poor dear …

The Sum Up:
I just took a bitter pill and the after taste is unpleasant. I think I need to be out the Ben and Jerry chocolate ice cream before the next episode.