Monday, January 6, 2014

Prime Minister and I Episode 7: We are Family

On this episodes of Prime Minister and I:
Blocking politics, seeing visions, spy kid, what's my roll in this family, and more ...

The white elephant in the room happens to be Da Jung being told what is she to the family. To be fair to Da Jung, Yul has told her many times to be an example wife since he is Prime Minister. Sure, the marriage is a sham, but the kids don't know this or anyone else but 4 people. What is Da Jung suppose to do? She can't go back to her job or life. She now has to live in a golden cage and play being a wife with three kids. Yet this is a problem as what does Da Jung become to the family or more importantly to Yul? Why was she doing all these kind things for the family? Da Jung is a sweet and nice girl but is there more behind her actions?

Da Jung finally understood the reasons for her actions is because of Yul. She is beginning to see a flawed but wonderful man. She has already begun to fall in love with this complex man and his family despite two of the kids not accepting her. I hope to see Da Jung continue to understand her feelings more as the episodes go on and maybe get her Minister to see the truth he is missing too.

Speaking of Yul, I wondering how much longer we are going to have to wait to find out more about his first marriage. I get the feeling there is more than what we are seeing. Woo Ri seems to hate his dad a bit to be passing some information to his uncle. Which by the way to the uncle, that is a little low. Using your nephew for information on your enemy. I hope Woo Ri comes to hate you at some point for using him. Karma will come back to bite you and I will be enjoying it.

Yul and his sleeping pills do not site well for me. He has a problem sleeping and I see those evil pills coming back to bite him in the butt down the road. I think he needs to face his demons instead of pushing them away. If he doesn't, those demons are going to take him with those darn pills. Watch and see that it does.

Only one episode last week due to all the awards. A shame but this show is getting an extra episode added. Not sure how I feel about the extra episode. I have a love/hate relationship for long dramas to begin with. I guess time will tell when we get there if this was a good idea or not.

Sum up my feelings on the episode:
Damn You TRUCK OF DOOM!!!! and Thanks for the cameo.