Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Golden Rainbow Update: Warrior

I have to give it to Golden Rainbow for going above and beyond the norm. In episode 23 Do Young's dad came to visit his old Hyung. He warned his ex-hyung to keep his daughter, Baek Won, away from his son. Oh parents. I get why Do Young's father wants Baek Won away from his son. He still thinks he can use his son for his own game not knowing Do Young is smart enough to know his dad isn't all that good. As for Baek Won's father, he knows how cruel Do Young's father can be and doesn't want his Baek Won to be hurt. I get the reason, I just get annoyed when parents stick their noses in where they don't belong.

Why was I impressed with this episode? Do Young told his father leave Baek Won alone or you just might meet your greatest enemy. Hallelujah!!!! The Drama gods must have been listening to us. Normally at this point, your leads would be the noble idiot and do as their parents say. Baek Won tried to when Do Young's father visited her. Thank goodness for Do Young. He will not be put into the column of Noble Idiot. Instead he plans to fight for Baek Won. Do Young also tell Baek Won they are in this together and not to let go of each others hands. I approve of any relationship that ends in marriage for you two.

Golden Rainbow may not be the best written show ever, but it has character in the leads. You can't forget Do Young's fighting spirit is something which helps the show. I hate where Man Won's character has gone down. As a second lead, I was hoping for more from Oppa who is big and strong. Sadly, his story hasn't become as rich as our lead which is disappointing. At this point in the drama, he doesn't seem to know his place. I just want to see Man Won become the strong and caring man he has been for his family. The secret birth is typical of a makjang drama and I am not surprised with the choices our second leading lady has made.

I haven't had this much fun in watching a drama since Master's Sun.