Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Prime Minister and I Episode 8: Tell Me Your Wish

On this episode of Prime Minister and I:
Secret Meetings, hearts flutter, nosy reports, a broken family starting to mend, please another shot of soju, and love confessions from the wrong person.

In Ho meets up with Joon Ki to talk about bring Yul down. Joon Ki wants to know Yul’s marriage is a fake but I love In Ho for pointing out Joon Ki’s marriage is also a fake. Hahaha!!!! Point to In Ho!!!! You may want to tell the world Yul didn’t marriage Da Jung for the right reasons but that is the pot calling the kettle black. In Ho really wants to cripple Yul. I really want to know more about this back story of Yul’s wife and In Ho’s brother. The fact Yul had pictures of his wife and In Ho’s brother together we can only guess the relationship of these two. It may explain why Yul is angry. In Ho tells Yul he should have stopped his brother. Which means we can only makes guesses at what In Ho meant.

I am enjoying Da Jung’s heart flutter when around Yul. It seems her heart will continue to flutter since Yul checks up on Da Jung’s father. The fact he is keeping an eye on her father gives Da Jung hope she still has someone in the world that cares about her beside her father. 
Da Jung is trying to bring this broken family together. Da Jung has Man Se and Na Ra to send their father off in the morning which surprise Yul. Man Se wants a hug which is adorable. It is Na Ra who hurts when he gives into Man Se and makes her think about the lack of her father in her life. Yul is making rounds at the marketplace and buys a gift for Na Ra and Da Jung. Oh goodie, Yul can be taught to be a better father. Na Ra is on the moon for her dad thinking about her and Man Se is sad he was forgotten. Yul ends up acting like a 10 year old trying to give Da Jung her hair pin. Man up Yul and give the girl the pin with your thanks for helping his children. Push your ego to the side for once.

 Report Byun took pictures of In Ho and Da Jung in the middle of their snowball fight. I get this will be biting them in the butt in the next episode. Of course, Report Byun heads over to Joon Ki to tell him something isn’t right between Yul and Da Jung. Considering Da Jung and Yul got into this mess due to misunderstandings, I am not sure Report Byun is going to get the story he wants.
Hye Joo tells Da Jung how Yul is still stuck on his wife. She maybe dead but he still only cares about her. Our happy Da Jung starts to wonder if her crush will ever break into Yul’s heart. At this point, it seems she is double guessing herself. I like how she asks Yul about why he is lonely. We have our guesses but in the end we are in the same boat as Da Jung. We only know he can’t seem to sleep and he pushing his family away. Why? Is it because of love, angry, or something else.

 In Ho tells the group he will confess his feelings towards his woman. Which we find out moments after the soju party, Da Jung happens to be that woman. In Ho’s feelings just don’t feel like they are true. I really don’t buy his love for Da Jung. Maybe I am missing something but I just don’t see him liking her in a romantic way. Friends, yes but not like lovers. Maybe it is because I know In Ho wants to revenge his brother’s accident. I am missing the connection of love from In Ho for his crush to be true.
We can finally see Yul’s growing fondness for Da Jung. He truly does care for her. He is taken her words about being a father to heart by trying to connect with his kids. Yul plans to help Da Jung evening after their marriage ends. She is his assignment. He wants to help her but at this stage he doesn’t know how. Between his principles and promises and his growing fondness for Da Jung, he is stuck. He doesn’t know how to help her or what to do with her. She wasn’t part of the plan and is trying to figure out how to either add her or help her.

Sum up my feelings on the episode:
Hey soju where is your trope to help these crazy kids figure things out?