Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dream High Episode 2: Like This

On this episode of Dream High:
Auditions are done, the mystery student, living on the streets, classes begin, and second chances are given.

Hye Mi won’t give up on her ego. I am hoping her Diva face will at some point chance. She gives the same facial expressions and hasn’t given any other emotion but I’m a spoiled brat. I really want to root for Hye Mi but I just can accept the lack of human emotions. Her crying lacks other facial emotion. Please tell me her character or the acting gets a bit better. In Gu, I didn’t think she was horrible. She actually seemed more natural in Gu than in this Drama. Maybe that is the problem she can relax. I get this is Suzy’s big break out Drama.

Jin Gook is a dancer? Who knew and how did President Jung know? Does he know Jin Gook? We know Jin Gook has a difficult past with his parents. I am wondering what President Jung is up to with both wanting Jin Gook and Hye Mi as his special students as well as the mystery student  Sam Dong. How did he come across Sam Dong. He seems to come from a country and from what we have seen probably poor. Apparently the Director recognizes the name but I feel lost. Who is this kid?

Pil Sook is adorable in her costume. I am looking forward to seeing her character expand and become more than the chubby and shy girl. Drama do not make this poor girl go under the knife or not eat food. If you go down that road with that message, I will not be happy. Beauty standards indeed … there is being healthy and pretty and unhealthy and pretty. Please make the message be a good one for little girls to look up too.
*Whispers* JYP … okay Jin Man is a mystery musician our President Jung is also interested in. Our President wants Jin Man as a new teacher at Kirin. I don’t blame Jin Man thinking he is a con-man.

This episode was another introduction episode with a bit of plot to move us to the school.  The drama seems to be taking its time getting to the school and teaching these kids how to be Kpop Idols. Not saying the episode was bad because it isn’t but I just feel like we are inching our way to the point of the drama. What is President Jung going to do with Hye Mi and Jin Gook and Sam Dong? He has them coming in as special students if they can make it in time (eye roll). Of course they are going to make it but I just don’t see the point yet. What is the dream? I have questions and no answers. Yet I am still enjoying the ride getting to the dream. I just hope it moves a little faster in the coming episodes. I got my soda and candy and I am ready to jam out with the songs and dances.

The Sum Up:
Let’s get it started in here!!! Oh and yes I will go up on stage with you.